J.S. Cela

J. S. Cela’s photography captures fleeting modern vignettes on the streets of New York.  Built on the foundations of the great street photographers who have captured life in this unique gritty city for decades, Joe’s clean-cut take on the new Social Landscape of NYC propels classical street photography into the 21st Century. With his clever “InterPlay” between the canvas of the city, the unknowing subjects become the leading roles in the scene.  Joe expresses the variety of what the street offers in his photography – art, people, oddities, the good, the bad. 

Based in the South Bronx with Puerto Rican heritage, Joe is a New York City street photographer.  He is most comfortable walking the streets of New York capturing the unique moments of the city he loves. Joe’s Previous shows include Les Recontres d’Arles and several NYC galleries. Joe is now bringing this important work to the emerging fine art photography market in Philadelphia for a limited time in “InterPlay” at The SPACE Art Gallery.

Out of Shadows.jpg


Trailblazing the next generation of NYC’s Street Photographers, Joe’s work has been part of The Recontres d’Artes and NYC Galleries. Now coming to Philadelphia, his transformational imagery encapsulates the essence of the modern-day Social Landscape